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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is "Sublimation"?

We use a process called sublimation to print designs onto our products. It's technical but, in essence, it involves printing the colours of the designs onto white fabric which is then cut and sewn together. This means the design is a part of the fabric rather than stuck on top like screen printing. It means our clothes shrink less in the wash, designs don't peel off, and there is no plastic print that feels weird on your skin.

Q. What is the difference between "Full Sub" and "Simple Sub"?

This is down to the complexity of your design. Our Simple Sub option allows for designs that have two logos and a player number, Full Sub lets you take your design to the maximum; gradients, textures, logos, player name are all on the table!

We can include Player Name on a Simple Sub item for a small surcharge.

Q. Can you send us a sample?

Almost always, yes! We're happy to send out a sample if we have your item in stock if you're looking to get an idea of an item's feel or weight. We can also send out size samples but we tend to limit these because if you want XS-thru-XL of 5 items with Men's and Women's cuts this package is suddenly huge and expensive to ship.

Q. Can you help us with our design?

Yes! We say that Design Assistance is free and we mean it! This might mean making tweaks to your design so everyone is happy it will print perfectly or it might means coming up with a logo and design completely from scratch!

We do set a limit at a couple of revisions. If requested amendments are likely to take a lot of work, we'll be upfront and discuss with you whether a small design time charge needs to be added.

Q. Can you send us a couple of designs and we'll decide to go with you?

Unfortunately not. Our designers only work on briefs once the team is happy with our quote and will be placing an order. Why? A couple of reasons: designers need to be paid and so we need to make sure that there will be an order at the end of the process before they can devote time to a project. And if our designers are working on ideas that may never get made, it means they can't work on others designs which adds a delay for everyone.

Q. What is the shipping cost?

For custom orders, we charge based on the number of items that make up the order - the bigger the order, the cheaper it is per item. Our shipping rate is currently:

Standard Shipping Fee: £22/€25 

Per item rates based on quantity.

18-49 units: £1.20/€1.40

50-99 units: £0.75/€0.90

100+ units: £0.50/€0.60

Q. Are there any hidden duties or taxes when my order arrives?

For custom orders to the EU and UK: no, you won't get a bill from border control when your gear arrives with you. There are some uniform manufacturers based outside the EU who don't tell you about this and you might get a surprise when your gear arrives with an invoice!

For online store orders it is different. As our stock is based in the UK, and the UK is no longer part of the EU (sob!) you will be liable to pay your country's VAT charge when your order gets to you. We therefore refund the UK VAT portion of your purchase in preparation for that.

We agree that this is not very straightforward, but it's the only viable solution we have based on Brexit and our e-commerce platform. Sorry!

Q. Do you sponsor teams or events?

Q. How long does production take? When will we receive our kit?

If you have any additional questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at info@lookfly.com.