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Tournament Sponsorship

October 18, 2019

Tournament Sponsorship

A great tournament can create memories that last a lifetime and we at Lookfly want to do everything we can to help Tournament Directors make their event the event that stays with people forever!

We get lots of requests for event sponsorship and we'd love to say yes to everyone but that would honestly be impossible. As such, we've created the following guidelines to help you figure out if we'll be able to sponsor your event - just drop us a line with the following information:

  • Tournament name, location, date.
  • Tournament director name, email and phone number.
  • Social media tags/accounts.
  • History of your tournament: How long have you been around?
  • Number of teams in each division.
  • Finally, tell us about your event! Is there anything fun or special about it that you think we should know about?

You can email the above information to info@vclookfly.com a minimum of 12 weeks before your initiative and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!

We tend to get three main types of requests for sponsorship. The following is to give you a bit of an idea of what helps us say “Yes!” to your proposal:


1. “Lookfly! We want to sell some custom tournament gear, is this something you can help with?”

The answer to this request is almost always a big “YES!”. Just send us the information above, with enough time to allow for:

  • The very best in custom gear, manufactured and printed in the EU.
  • Step by step advice on the NUMBERS of what to produce 
  • Free design assistance across the merchandise range you’re looking to purchase.
  • Promotional support of your event during its runup.
  • For some larger events we can arrange for a Lookfly merchandise store to be at the event (see point 2!)

With a long enough lead in time it really is possible (and affordable!) to arrange for your very own tournament specific gear that can help players look amazing and raise a little more money for your organisation.

If this is the sort of thing you’re looking for, go ahead and drop us a line!


2. “Lookfly! Please can you come and set up a merch stall at our event?”

We love supporting the tournaments and speaking to players and organisers about how we’re doing and hearing about what exciting things are next for the community!

If your event is not enormous we can still sometimes help out by arriving to sell merchandise to your players and share a % commission from sales with your organisation. This commission can either be paid to your organisation or we can place an even larger credit on your next custom or online store order with us.

We’ll require some things like a couple of tables and chairs, and will need to talk to you about access to wifi and a power supply etc. Your event also needs to be within a 2-hour drive of Liverpool. Sorry if you happen to be further than that but we have to have limits!

We should note that there are only so many weekends in a year, and therefore only so many tournaments we can attend. We can’t make it to every tournament so please don’t be offended if we’re busy!

If you think this sounds like it applies to you, please get in touch!


3. “Lookfly! Please can you donate MVP prizes for our tournament?”

This is the most common request we receive in regards to partnering with tournaments and the answer is always “Yes, but…”

We feel that it’s important to be honest with the community and say that we have to ensure that we, as a business, are able to healthily function. Part of that is assessing whether we can be involved in sponsoring events to the tune of sending gear for prizes. 

Let’s break it down. As an estimate a set of prizes might cost us £60-80 to manufacture, another  £20 in staff time to organize and £20 to pack/ship, for a total of £100-120 minimum. We have to make sure that we see a similar value returned from our involvement.

It may seem self-serving, but we feel as though sponsorship requests coming from the players and teams that support us with their business deserve special consideration. You'd be surprised how many sponsorship requests we get from teams that support other brands, so it's important to say how we feel about this.

All we ask is that when you contact us requesting prizes you give some thought as to how your event can help us in return from a promotional standpoint (for example: social media posts, future uniform order consideration, communications sent on our behalf out to your attendees). If we think you might be onto something, we’d be more than happy to send you some gear to be used as SOTG or MVP prizes.

If this fits what you were after, please just let us know!