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November 26, 2021


I’ve never been a fan of the “hard sell”.

I hate when it happens to me. It always makes me want to run a mile and never buy another product or service from that company again.

I’m also not very good at it. I can’t get my son to eat carrots despite employing all methods of bribery open to me.

And so Black Friday and Cyber Monday have always felt awkward, especially as a British person working for a European company. In the UK, Boxing Day Sales have always been “a thing” and Black Friday/Cyber Monday has only really taken off in maybe the last 10 years.

So we’re not doing a Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale at Lookfly. We want people to buy our clothes but we don’t want to pressurise you into BUYING IT RIGHT NOW. TODAY. BUY BUY BUY.

It doesn’t feel right, especially not at the moment.

We’re so grateful for all the new teams coming to us for their uniforms after sport shut down due to the Pandemic. We - as a company - are under the harshest pricing pressures that we’ve ever faced. The messed up global supply chain has meant that fabric, labour and all other materials are spiralling upwards in cost. We’re doing everything we can to keep a lid on things and bring great value, excellent quality team gear to our sport, and so it feels a bit icky to also be selling you stuff at a discount in order to get you to spend money with us TODAY.

Adriana at VC feels the same and also has a lot of insight about how important BF/CM (and the decision to not do a promotion) is for a company like VC and Lookfly.

VC is encouraging people not to spend money with them, and instead to improve society - be that by reaching out, volunteering, campaigning or donating. We’d like to do the same. Instead of buying from us today, please take the time to do something like call a friend who you’ve not heard from in a while, donate to an organisation who desperately needs it at the moment, or amplify a marginalised voice.

We’ll still be here next week, and we look forward to hearing from you then.