The Ground Crew of WCBU 2017- What was it like?

It has been a whole month since the World Championships of Beach Ultimate (it has flown by, hasn’t it?!)

Well for anyone who was in Royan last month you will have seen the VC tent and our lovely volunteers and staff members. As part of our reminiscing of sunnier beachier times, we are releasing a sort of interview with one of our staff to give an insight into what it is like working at WCBU.

First, Sam Stott, a VC/Lookfly events team member:


So tell us about yourself, and your relationship with Ultimate:

I’ve been a part of the Ultimate Community since 2005 as a player, coach and ambassador.
I became a member of the VC/Lookfly family as an event team member at WUGC 2016 in London.

Was WCBU like what you anticipated?

WCBU was an extremely rewarding and memorable experience #BetterThanLondon.
I was proud to be a part of the brand and represent its values- which players and supporters trust and respect.

What was it like seeing all of the teams in Lookfly gear?

It was great to see so many National teams wearing Lookfly gear and their unique designs. It says a lot when National teams are confident in choosing Lookfly as their official gear provider.

What were some of the best uniforms on the beach?

Being biased, but I don’t care, Great Britain’s kit is very cool and is a professional looking design for the world stage.
Having said that, Denmark has also got a great design.

What was life as the VC Lookfly house like?

Life at the VC/Lookfly house was pretty sweet. Even if I did have to bunk with Dan… (Just kidding… But not really.)
We were in a great location, really close to the beach, there was no excuse not to go for a swim after a long day at the office. Overall, it was a great space to chill together and have more than a few laughs. (Mostly at my expense.)

How did you find working WCBU? The players, the locals, the venue?

The location, the tournament, the teams, the tournament staff, the volunteers, the supporters and locals, all made it come together perfectly. It was an exciting and really memorable experience.
Last but far from least, our team. Working events is always about working each problem as they arise and working through the problem together and always thinking about what’s next? Which for me really goes hand-in-hand with a personal motto passed down to me, “Work Hard, Play Hard” and this year’s team really embodied that, which is why I think we all worked really well together. It was sad to leave it all behind.

Finally, any funny (appropriate!) stories to share from WCBU?

Funny stories…Funny stories… There were more than a few and most I don’t think are remotely appropriate to share.
But there was this one time, in the VC/Lookfly tent, when I was part working/part watching a game when suddenly, my jam came on the stereo and I just had to rock out. Now it’s all over Facebook. Thanks for that.


For anyone who missed Sam’s amazing moves we have provided a link to the video here:

Think you have better moves?

Keep updated with our social media for any chances to be part of our team at events in the future.

The Ground Crew of WCBU 2017- What was it like?
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