Simple Sublimation

Introducing Lookfly’s Simple Sublimation Line
Simple, affordable, high-quality gear… fast! 

Looking for top quality jerseys, but don’t want or need the limitless possibilities of full sublimation to get your design vision across? Lookfly’s new Simple Sublimation offering is the solution.

Simple Sublimation is offered on tanks, short sleeve and long sleeve jerseys, and shorts – and all orders ship within 2.5-3.5 weeks! All Simple Sublimation jerseys and shorts are made from our Hex material.

  • Base colour for your gear can be any shade of any colour you like!
  • Jerseys can include a full colour logos and numbers.
  • Shorts can have a full colour logo and numbers.

Design Requirements

Simple Sublimation gear can’t have complicated art aspects such as gradients, designs crossing over side seams or art scaled by size. If you are looking for limitless design capabilities, please check out our Pure sublimation line!

Pricing Details

  • Tanks £27.50 / €32
  • Short sleeve £27.50 / €32
  • Long sleeve £30.50 / €35
  • Shorts £20 / €23


  • Add a second logo: £2.50/€3
  • Add a player name: £2.50/€3
  • Add a second player number: £2.50/€3