Petting Zoo 2015

On the 7/8th November, Mwnci See Aberystwyth Ultimate hosted our annual warm up
tournament Petting Zoo! 12 teams from across Wales and England came to our lovely little seaside town for the ultimate frisbee weekend.

Aberystwyth’s tournaments have always been held in high regard as great fun tournaments: we host spirited teams and know how to throw a great party. With that being said there was plenty of partying happening over the weekend, including some spectacular superhero costumes, very interesting drink games and stories that already inspired life long frisbee nicknames.

The tournament was split into 2 seeded pools on the Saturday, with some really intense games being played. We had interclub rivalry burning strong in the last game of the day, Mwnci’s 2nd team versus the Women’s team – both teams had are tough day but pulled out all the stops with the game ending on universe point!

On the Sunday games began at a modest 10am (with a few players mysteriously quiet, queasy or sleepy). There were some intense crossovers with a few upsets being caused before teams 9-12 went into round robin for the spoon with the remaining 8 teams playing crossover games to fight for cup and spoon. After another day of really well spirited games (No team scored below 10.3 for spirit!) the final standings came out as:

1 – Frizee Rascals (Cup)
2 – M.I.N.C.E
3 – Aber Gold
4 – Bangor Ultimate
5 – Ultimate Dougal (Plate)
6 – Mwnci See
7 – Eddie Curtis Experience
8 – Aberage Joes
9 – Stallout (Spoon)
10 – Mwnci Do
11 – Swansea Ultimate
12 – Mwnci LayD’s

The spirit winners for the weekend were Mwnci LayD’s with the Lookfly pack going to their MVP, Emily. Emily split the pack up and the whole of the women’s team got something from the pack!

It’s always a pleasure to run tournaments, you get to see some sick ultimate being played. Our tournaments always bring a wide range of teams, along with some familiar faces that make the weekends really fun. Mwnci See want to thank Lookfly for sending over some really cool swag for our MVP for the weekend (lots of people were very jealous of the prizes!). We also want to say thank you for all the teams that came to Petting Zoo 2015, we hope to see you all again at Aber Zoo 2016!

Petting Zoo 2015
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