Custom Discs


Lookfly is proud to work with our friends at Discraft to make ordering your team’s custom discs easy and affordable!

How it Works?

Every 4-8 weeks, Lookfly will place an order with Discraft for our own awesome disc designs. Since we’re already shipping and importing discs to the UK, we can add on team and custom orders to help save your team the hefty costs of ordering directly from the US. Your team will receive one invoice from Lookfly that includes everything your team will need to pay – no surprise duty, brokerage or extra VAT due on delivery!

Current Order Deadline:
TBD – Drop us a line at

Pricing Details

Lookfly’s team of professional artists are standing by to help you with your disc design – from coming up with a sweet new concept to just making sure your art fits within Discraft’s technical requirements. What’s better? Your first two hours of art time are FREE!

All customs and brokerage charges, as well as the import duty, are also included. The prices below are all-inclusive: discs, shipping, everything!

Discraft offers two types of customization for their 175 gram UltraStar discs: Hot Stamping and Supercolor. Learn more about each process here on Discraft’s site.


175 Gram Ultra-Start Hot Stamp

Number of discs 50-99* 100-199 200-299 300-499
1 Color  £    8.25  £    6.40  £    5.70  £    5.65
2 Color N/A  £    6.60  £    5.85  £    5.80
Shipping Cost (per disc)  £    3.15  £    2.90  £    2.65  £    2.40
*White discs only for orders of 50-99
Die and Set-up charge: £79 for 1 colour and £158 for 2 colour

Is your design full of colours and/or complicated art aspects? Supercolor is likely the best customization solution for you. Check out more details Supercolor Discs.

SuperColor 175 Gram Ultra-Star

Number of discs 25-49 50-99 100-199 200-299
FULL print at 11 inches  £  11.75  £    9.70  £    8.30  £    8.05
CENTER print at 6.75 inches  £  10.20  £    8.75  £    6.75  £    6.40
Shipping Cost (per disc)  £    3.15  £    2.90  £    2.65  £    2.40
No set-up charge. Full colour printing

How to Order?

Just drop us a line at and we’ll walk you through everything and anything you need to know to order your own custom Discraft discs – completely hassle-free!