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Wondering what’s been going on with Lookfly lately? You’ve probably heard about our new connection with VC, our new products, and the gentle stirrings of change – but what does it all mean?

Steve Giguere, the founder of Lookfly, explains it all here. The best way to look forward to a new year is to start by looking back and seeing where we’ve come from. Read Steve’s message below!

My name is Steve and way back in 2001 I was lucky enough to have founded Lookfly. It’s been a while and Lookfly has seen many changes over the past few years and more specifically the past few months. We have rebuilt the Lookfly crew, product line and structure – and I couldn’t be more excited. Here’s how we got here.

Let’s skip back to 2009 (we were 8 years old). For a moment in time, wearing a single colour plain jersey with a printed logo was the rage! Lookfly were innovating with our fully recycled high end fabric and 16 colour offerings at great prices!

WOOOOOOooooooooh oh oh….Skip only a few years forwards.

We couldn’t be further from 2009. Full colour sublimation has taken hold and we’ve gone about as far as you can from those simpler days. Beautifully artworked jerseys are now in fashion and are looking here to stay. As one might not understand, making that switch essentially involved a costly complete throw-away and redo of our manufacturing process. Being honest about it, Lookfly wobbled. You may have heard it. Quality was still high but it wasn’t reaching our own expectations on value. New competitors emerged but local loyalty kept us alive and for that we thank you all.

Enter 2015. After a few manufacturing fumbles we were looking for a new strategy and given the exponential growth in Ultimate it made sense to partner up. This May, we did just that.

Some of the players we’ve spoken with hadn’t heard of VC Ultimate before. They are one of the oldest Ultimate companies on the planet starting in 1998 and were the founding fathers of sublimation jerseys, printing sub jerseys for GB back in 2004 when the process was very risky and new. They are ethically minded, promote locally made and their research and development into the highest quality fabrics and fit has always been second to none.

In May, Lookfly and VC Ultimate became Lookfly… by VC Europe.

We have been asked… did VC buy Lookfly? Are we partners? Did Lookfly by VC? What happened is Lookfly is essentially now the European brand of VC Ultimate.

What does that mean for Lookfly and for Europe? Plenty!

Lookfly’s sublimation manufacturing is now cutting edge and ethically minded. VC’s production team has streamlined us and we now even have a VC endorsed new fabric that has just launched. Softer than a unicorns tear brushing a kitten’s hug and coming in at only 110 grams, Lookfly now offers arguably the best, and potentially the lightest jersey in the game. Our jersey patterns are now a direct match to VC Ultimate’s incredibly popular fit allowing for switching between brands. It’s a game changer. Add to that, our range is currently expanding to fully sublimated soft-shell jackets and hooded tops in 2016 with new products being added throughout the year.

Imagine your favourite shirt. We all have one. The one you wear when you have an individual choice whether it be practice or going to the gym. Our aim is to be that shirt. Try us and see.

Let’s start over. Our name is the same but our company, our quality and our spirit is all new! If you were thinking of giving Lookfly a go again… now is definitely the time.

Steve and the team at Lookfly, VC Europe and VC Ultimate

Welcome, Bienvenue, Brice!

VC Ultimate was started in 1998 in Montreal, which is a predominantly French-speaking part of Canada. While our production team is bilingual, the VC customer service team has never had a fully French-speaking member – until now!! We are so excited to announce that we are now able to offer our customers – in Europe, here in Canada and around the World – the best service not only in English, but also in French… and German!

Please allow us to introduce you to the newest member of our team, Brice Daudel:

Brice EUC

Just look at that warm, welcoming smile!

Brice will be working for VC Ultimate for the French speaking countries of Europe and French Canada. He started playing ultimate in 2012 with the Monkey of Grenoble and loved it right away. Soon after, he decided to help out for the European Championship of Beach Ultimate 2013 and got completely hooked on volunteering. When he is not throwing or organizing events, he is spending his time on his web design company based in the UK. Brice is also very passionate about languages so he can meet more people when travelling around the globe. You can contact him at brice@vclookfly.com / brice@vcultimate.com.


VC Ultimate fut fondée en 1998 à Montréal, qui est principalement une partie francophone du Canada. Tandis que notre équipe de production est bilingue, l’équipe du service client n’a jamais eu un membre Français – jusqu’à maintenant!! Nous sommes très heureux d’annoncer que nous pouvons désormais offrir à nos clients – en Europe, ici au Canada et autour du Monde – les meilleurs services non seulement en Anglais, mais aussi en Français… et en Allemand!

Permettez-nous de vous présenter le nouveau membre de notre équipe, Brice Daudel:

Brice Volunteer

Bienvenue Brice!

Brice est le nouveau représentant commercial de VC Lookfly pour les pays francophones. Il a commencé l’ultimate en 2012 à Grenoble, au club des Monkey. Il a tout de suite adhéré à cette pratique sportive. L’été 2013, il décide de participer en tant que volontaire aux European Championships of Beach Ultimate et c’est à ce moment là qu’il s’est trouvé une nouvelle passion dans l’organisation de tournois. Quand il ne lance pas de frisbee ou organise des événements, il consacre son temps à son entreprise de design web basée en Angleterre. Brice à aussi un intérêt affirmé pour langues vivantes, ce qui lui permet de faire beaucoup de rencontres lors de ses voyages autour du monde. Vous pouvez le contacter par email à brice@vclookfly.com / brice@vcultimate.com.